In farming we are political. In cooking we’re artistic.

If there is a place I could live forever, it is most certainly the dinner table. So I built one to share with others.


Influenced by my family’s ranch,

the beauty and heartbreak in farming, and an all encompassing love of eating, I am constantly driven to connect over food. That connection is the heart of these tables.


Designed to travel,

the Family Supper Plank is a 24 foot table hand carved from a live edge pair of Catalpa planks. It is a table to be filled with meals and memories, one building on the other.


Each Dinner is about the experience

of finding what is already in a place. The food, the environment, the people and what they are growing, making, thinking about. There is an entire conversation to be had about empty food and and empty soil, but Family Supper Plank is a conversation about food in a regenerative system. A conversation about dirt and community. It is the process, the ingredients, the life it takes to sustain life because no one escapes the need for sustenance.


It has always, only ever, been about food…

It is food start to finish. It is a family meal.


I have so much gratitude for all of the help and openness I have been given throughout this process. The talented photographers, chefs, friends, and farmers that have shown up with get shit done attitudes and endless support humbles me beyond words. Thank you to everyone who has found their way to the table. Thank you for your being a part of this.

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Alexis Plank