Family Supper Plank 1

Volume 1:

The Jennings Hotel

Fall, 2018

To be from a place

To be in a place

To eat in that place

Joseph, Oregon

6 Ranch Short Ribs

When the timing is just right

You receive an opportunity to custom cut your meat

You are given the gift of access to someone’s hard work

Their devotion to a process, to preparation, to a life well lived

And all you have to do is cook slowly.

Full Cream Grits

From milk that comes in jars

Delivered to your door

The cream scraped from the top

Late Season Tomato Salad

With time to arrive at full color

In perfect ripeness

Perhaps from a neighbor


Because always something green



To be eaten with your hands

We would be honored if you would join us for supper in the yard. Please come hungry. Please come open. This will be a family style meal designed around intimacy and connectivity. Connect with your neighbor, connect with your food, connect with the process. Wine will be poured with dinner.

September 8

7:00 pm


100 N Main St, Joseph, OR 97846