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A Relation to Matter

A Relation to Matter

I wrote a creation myth for myself. An intention for the winter. 

Perhaps a question or a need from the universe. 

The universe according to bill nye as a thing that gives 20 something women whatever they want. I am not a 20 something women so instead i got what i needed. 

So this too is an invitation to me. 

To you. Because how many times do we need to be asked 

to remember the animal of our body. 

The wild thing and the wild things it wants, 

the needs of a beast not to be ignored. 

The soft places against rigid pieces 

and particles gravitationally tied to make a heart that beats just for me. 

My heart she beats just for me and has now for 31 years 

even when i’m not looking. 

And yours, yours for you. 

Right there above the basin of your belly, 

the meadow of your body holding you up so gently. 

Catching the hard things you drop and turning them again to moss 

because feelings should never remain hard. 

And if you look up the root of disaster 

You find only the separation from your star. 

So what does it mean to integrate yourself,

into yourself. Because i heard when you bring spirit into animal you get soul. 

Soul, our relation to matter. 

Soul, your sensing organ for the divine 

and here solely for you. 

So breath deeply, not greedily. 

This is not your last breath. Breath into this space, 

the base place between naval and hips 

this time and these people here with us

and please remember 

what I am not here to do 

for you 


I live only partially in this world 

and mostly elsewhere 

though my heart is here if you need it. 

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